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Extension in Fareham

Current Project

On this build we are extending the rear of the property and removing walls to create an open plan kitchen diner.

“Goalpost” steels will be used to support the rear first floor while keeping the opening as wide as possible, and they will be positioned above the cieling to reduce their impact on the room as much as possible. It’s not as straitforward a job, but the visual effect is worth it as it reduces the returns the steel would normally need to sit on and makes the extension seem less of an afterthought and more like it’s always been there.

 French doors will lead into the garden and skylights will bring natural light into the dining area, creating a bright and open dining area. 

Finally, a new fitted kitchen will transform the space into the ideal family home. 

12th February

Unforunately this week it was a bit too cold to lay bricks so there might not look like much has been going on, but plenty of prep work has been done ready for when things warm up. bricks have been toothed out and starter bars fixed ready for the new walls to be built off, and cavity trays have been installed to protect the new opening, so next week the brickwork will be flying up.

5th February

This week we brought the wall down on the back of the house and installed a “goalpost” steel. By taking the top steel into the ceiling the client is keeping the opening as wide and clean as possible.

This is the first project on which we’ve used our new brickbrace system (the scaffolding right over the top of the opening) which is far safer than traditional systems. Overloaded strongboys are one of the most dangerous mistakes domestic builders can make, risking not only the safety of site workers but also the existing structure of your house, and Rosewood is always looking out for innovative products to improve the safety of everything we do. Unfortunately due to the construction of the house we still needed a few strongboys, but we were able to reduce the number being used while still maintaining complete safety, which made getting this massive lump of steel into place a much easier job. The genie lifts made light work of it after that, and the rest is history! 

The legs of the goalpost were set in concrete and the supporting props were left in over the weekend to make sure everything is set nice and solid, but first thing on Monday they can be removed, giving the client the first impression of how much space they will have in their new extension. 

The oversite was also prepared, so we are now ready to concrete in the base and then crack on with brickwork next week, if the weather plays nice!

Take a look at the pictures below to see how installing a steel in a domestic extension is carried out.

27th January

The trenchblocks are laid and the underground brickwork has started.

22nd January

The excavations for the footings and drainage have been carried out. This one turned out to be a bit of a challenge, as it seems the neighbours builder poured a bit too much concrete when he did the footings for the conservatory next door, but nothing the boys couldn’t handle.

Draingage including temporary services have been installed

18th January 2021

The project has begun!

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