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Extension in Hedge End

Completed Project

On this project we extended the rear of the property to add an open plan dining area. The kitchen was replaced and a new en suite bathroom was created in the existing garage. 

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Bringing natural light into the home

The roof of this extension was pitched to complement the original structure, which was a great oportunity to bring some daylight into the area with a pair of skylights. The vaulted cieling also gave an impressive cieling height, making a bright and open room. 

Adding a bathroom in the garage

The garage on this property was a very generous size and the client decided to take some of that under-used space to create a new en suite bathroom. 

Using the existing space made this a quick addition, keeping the cost of the project down and maximising value for the client. It also allowed us to finish the works in 2 phases; we were able to hand the client back a fully functional kitchen before moving on to the bathroom which drastically reduced the disruption to the residents. 

Getting the most out of your home with a building project

 This project was less about adding loads of space and more about making sure the existing space was the most pleasant and the easiest to use that it could be.

A small and reasonably fast extension allowed the open plan living we are all looking for and made the kitchen a much more usuable space.

While it was the smallest part of this project, the en suite had the biggest effect, providing extra comfort for the resident and that all important second toilet. Sacrificing a little bit of the garage space has made life a lot easier!

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