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Extension in Hedge End

Current Project

The aim of the project is to extend the front of the property, creating an additional bathroom, bedroom and porch. This property is lucky enough to benefit from being a corner plot, which had a lot of extra space to the side of the house, ideal for a single storey extension. A large front garden also allowed for a little extra building space before the front door whcih will form the porch area, making it a lot easier to get in with the kids and the shopping bags!


15th October 2019

The new roof has been cut and felt has been laid. It is now ready for battens to be fixed which will hold the tiles on the roof. At this stage the build is almost waterproof, it just needs the doors and windows to keep the weather out. It will soon be ready for the services to be installed.

5th October 2019

The brickwork is almost complete, or as we would say, “up to plate height”. The plate is a piece of timber which is mounted on top of the finished brickwork, and provides something to cut the roof in to. 

21st September 2019

 The birckwork was well underway. You can see the different layers of the wall construction, including the blockwork inner skin, the cavity with insulation and the external brickwork. 

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