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Extension in Fareham

Current Project

The aim of the project is to enxtend the rear of the property to allow room for a larger kitchen. A new en suite is also to be installed in the garage and some landscaping works will be carried out.


20th March 2020

Plastering is well under way, and after a few days will be painted ready for the kitchen to be installed. Some of the boys are outside digging the drainage, the plasterers don’t like to share space!

Up until now we couldn’t dig the drainage, as we were using the side passage for our access to the site. As with everything, building work is all about the timing! get it right and the job runs smoothly, but get it wrong and you can give yourself a real headache.

The eagle eyed mgiht notice that the window on the left of the picture looks a little strange. That’s because a larger window is being fitted, but for the time being we have only cut the inside wall to the side of the new opening. This allows us to move on with plastering but keeps the site dry and secure. The window will be removed and the opening cut just before the new window is ready to be fitted. 

12th March 2020

 With the electrical and plumbing first fix out of the way the site is ready for plasterboarding. 

The peak of the extension has been boarded out in wood to allow for good fixings when the loght fittings are installed, as the customer has selected heavy pendant light fittings. It’ll be overboarded in plasterboard, so you’ll never know it’s there unless you want to put a light up! Little touches like this are easy to overlook but so important in the longterm to ensure we can provide the gorgeous finish you want to achieve. 

5th March 2020

 The roof is finished and the existing doors have been moved to the back of the extension. They will eventually be replaced with bran new glazing, but for the time being they will keep the elements out which will allow us to carry on with interior works without the risk of damaging new doors. 

The roof has been insulated between the woodwork, and now only requires one more layer of insulation before it’s ready to be boarded. Time to get the sparkies and plumbers in!

26th February 2020

 The steel is in place and the new roof is cut in. In the second picture you can see the steel, which takes the weight of the roof. If you look carefully you can see a steel post at the far end of the steel which sits on another steel below it, spreading the weight out and around the opening into the existing house. 

With the blue membrane in place the area is almost waterproof, welcome news for the boys as they can now start to get out of the rain! 

When the roof is on the old doors will be moved to the back of the house to provide security and keep the weather out, and at that point the site is completely dry ready for interior works. 

14th February 2020

The walls are now almost complete inside and out. The scaffold has been erected which will allow the bricklayers to safely finish the walls up to the highest point at the pitch, and then the roof can be cut. The weather has been pretty horrible over the last 2 weeks which has slowed the work dramatically, but the building is finally taking shape. 

30th January 2020

Blockwork and the first course of bricks have now been laid, and the trenches around them have been back filled. Before we start bringing the walls up we need to bring the floor level up inside the extension to match the existing property, to create one level space. This will allow the room to flow together, almost as if the extension has always been there.

 On this project the architect specified a solid floor, so the level will be brought up with hardcore, membranes, insualtion and finally concrete. The whole area will then have screed and latex, providing a smooth surface for the finished floor.

22nd January 2020

The excavations for the groundworks are well underway. A large area of ground has been cleared which will form the new patio, and the soakaway has been installed under it.

The small yellow machine you can see is a mini dumper, which is a great bit of kit. On this project we are using it to move spoil from the excavations to the front of the property where they can be accessed by a grab lorry and removed. The mini dumper can carry 5 wheelbarrows of spoil at a time and can be directly loaded with the digger, which makes it much faster than doing everything manually. This is another way we shorten the build time of the project, allowing the client to enjoy their beautiful new extension even sooner. 

13th January 2020

The project has begun

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