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Forestry commission Barn renovation

Completed Project

This project’s aim was to renovate a barn belonging the forestry commission, allowing them to make better use of the building. The existing barn had been build with spaced cladding, which allowed the elements to easily find their way inside, which severely limited what could be stored. The gate had been put on the side facing the carpark, but as the use of the building changed over the years this had become a significant problem, as the main access route was now behind the barn. The first issue was easy to overcome, a quick over-cladding sealed the spaces between the original woodwork and made the building wind and rain proof. The second problem was a little more tricky, the solution was to remove the gates from the front of the building, install a new structural beam in the centre and build a wall accross the entrance. We could then remove the beam to the rear of the building and install new gates. We built much more substantial gates which improved the security of the building, and made them much easier to use for the staff. We often find that it’s better to make sure that buildings are being used to their full potential before constructing something new. This underused barn is now capable of storing not only dry goods, but plant and equipment, and making better use of this building has allowed the forestry commission to save space and money for other projects

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