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Removing a wall to create an open plan kitchen diner

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A very popular home improvement, which can be completed reasonably quickly with a relatively small amount of disruption, is to remove the wall between your kitchen and dining room to create a large open space.

It doesn’t require planning permission, so the project can go from idea to finished product quickly and with very little stress. We can even assist with any structural calculations that are required, as we work closely with a structural engineer who can talk you through the process and what will be involved.


Removing a non supporting wall

As long as the wall you are removing is not a supporting wall, the job is usually reasonably straitforward (it’s still entirely possible if the wall you want to remove is a supporting wall, it just makes the job a little bit harder as the steel we install will be a bit bigger to take the extra weight), but it may still involve the installation of a steel to take the flexibility out of longer joists or to support their ends if they were resting on the wall, as is the case in this example.

The first step is to remove the plasterboard so that you can see what your dealing with structurally. We then use acro-props, (the large green poles in the picture) to support the existing walls and cielings as necessary. When everything is adequately supported the  brickwork can start to be removed, many people are surprised by how quickly we start to take the old wall down and open up the space!

When the wall has been removed a new steel can be installed, and when the mortar around it has set the weight of the existing structure is lowered back onto it.

In just a couple of days we can create a bright, open new space for you to apply the finishing touches, or we can even paint and decorate the room ready for you to start enjoying it! If you’re looking for a builder in Southampton or the surrounding areas to carry out home improvements why not give us a call and see what we can do for you.


How to install a steel beam into the cieling without a trace

A slightly more tricky job is to install a beam within the existing cieling space, so that it can be covered over and give you that beautiful open space without an unsightly bulkhead showing where the room used to be devided.

The solution is to trim back the existing floor joists in the cieling and to connect them to the beam with hangers, as was the case in this example. A wooden “header” is installed inside the steel beam, to which the joist hangers are then connected. This allows the beam to sit beside the joists rather than under neath them, with the hangers transfering the load onto the steel. When plasterboarded the finished cieling is seamless, completely hiding the steel for a truely open plan area.


Open plan living

 Whether the steel is within the cieling or under it, opening up areas of your home allows them to be brighter and more welcoming. It’s surprising how different a home will feel after the work is complete and we are regularly told by our clients how much better the space is to live in.

Open plan living areas are great for entertaining, bring the familly together in shared spaces and can even add value to your home, so why not have a chat with us about your options! Take a look at the gallery below to see the difference this kind of project can make to your home.


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