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New build home in Winchester

Current Project

On this build we are removing the existing property and replacing it with a fresh new build. The clients bought the plot with this in mind, knowing that the old bungalow was too far gone to save, but that it would give them the oportunity to live a dream I think most of us have had; to build their dream home. 

The building has been designed to be an open plan 4 bed home with comfort and convenience in mind. The entrance hall allows penty of space for welcoming guests, with huge double stacked windows flooding the space with natural light and highlighting the feature balcony above. A spacious kitchen diner will open onto the deck with large bifold doors, allowing diners to take in the view while they eat, but not disturbing others relaxing in the seperate lounge. 

Upstairs, there will be 4 bedrooms, 2 with en suite bathrooms and 2 using the large main bathroom. Each will be generously sized with wide glazing, particularly the master bedroom which will also benefit from a walk in wardrobe and that incredible view. 

This is an exciting project for us and we can’t wait to see the finished product!


4th November

3 giant steels have been installed in the main roof, which is now ready for the rafters to be fitted. It’s a complicated roof to cut, with 5 dormers, but as soon as it’s on we can start making the site waterproof, which opens up all sorts of interior work.

22nd October

The floor is now down on the 1st floor! The blockwork still needs to be built up to take the roof, but you can now walk around upstairs and enjoy the view. It’s making everyone even more excited to see how the finished house will look. 

12th October

We’ve started putting in the woodwork for the 1st floor. There’s still a long way to go but as the 1st floor comes together you can now walk around the downstairs and really start to appreciate the layout of this impressive home. 

24th September

We are now reaching a height where lintels can be fitted over windows and doors. This gives the actual size of the openings so the space really starts coming together. In the pictures you can see the internal walls coming up. In this project the downstairs walls are all built from solid blockwork, which provides a lovely solid structure for the upstairs floor to rest on. It’s generally a nice way to build the walls as they have a much more solid feel than wooden stud walls and provide much better sound insulation. 

18th September

Less than 6 weeks in and the blockwork is flying up. For this project the design is using blockwork both inside and out, with a render finish. Not only is this a very modern look, but it allows for excellent build times as blocks are much larger than bricks so larger areas can be built in the same amount of time. A render finish can also be more thermally efficient than bricks and improve protection from damp, so it’s a great choice. 

11th September

The foundations have been dug and poured. The first course of blocks have been laid and the garage block and beam floor has already been installed. If you look carefully you can see the layout of internal walls forming for the bathroom and utility room. At this stage you can see the footprint of the entire new house, and the clients are able to walk around the ground floor of their new home.

14th August

It doesn’t take long to take them down, if only they went up as quickly. In less than a week the entire structure has been taken down to damp course level and the waste has been removed. Now we can look to start digging foundations to accomodate the new layout and building it back up. 

10th August 2019

The project has begun! We’ve got a long way to go, but we are excited to start. How could we not be with this incredible view?

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