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Robin House

Completed Project

Robin House required full renovation due to age and a large leak from a water tank in the loft, which had caused extensive damage to a bathroom, en suite and the kitchen. There were also several pieces of poor quality historic building work that needed to be put right to ensure the house remained a safe and comfortable familly home. The flooring was excluded from our scope in the project as it was being carried out by specialist contractors.

Please take a look at the gallery below or read on for more detailed information about this project.

Updating the heating from warm air to a wet system

Previously the house had been heated with a warm air system, which relied on a series of ducts to transport hot air around the house and into rooms through vents. While this can be a fast and cost effective way to heat your home, this system had gone well past it’s usable life. Subsidence caused by incorrect building methods had damaged the vents, creating leaks in the system, and hot water was provided by an immersion heater which was expensive to use and didn’t provide an adequate supply for such a large familly home.

The entire system was replaced with a wet system, using a large combi boiler to provide for both hot water and central heating. This meant installing new pipework throughout the house, but with the floors being replaced because of the water damage this was the perfect time to install the new system. It also allowed us to remove the ducting and vents, and with the new boiler installed in the garage a large amount of cupboard space was freed up within the property.

Structural works

Unfortunately a previous builder had done some pretty poor quality work within the home, which had caused significant structural damage. Solid walls had been built on the first floor without any structural support, and the weight of these walls was slowly pushing it’s way through the floor. This had done extensive damage throughout the house, both to the floor joists and to surrounding walls, which had been cracked by the movement.

These solid walls were removed where possible and replaced with stud walls, which are much lighter. The damaged flooring had to be removed and replaced to make it level again and support the new walls. For the bedroom wall structural support was installed underneath it instead, asbuilt in wardrobes and electrical points would have made the wall very expensive to replace.

When the weight had been dealt with supporting straps were installed within damaged walls, bringing them back to their original strength.

En suite

One interesting element of this project is the master bedroom En Suite, which forms part of the main room. As the master bedroom is located in a historic extension, a small corridor area is formed in the doorway. This area has been cleverly used to provide an en suite without losing any functional space in the room. 


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